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  • LIQUID PARAFFIN FOR DRY SKIN: Liquid paraffin can be classified as an occlusive emollient. Occlusive ingredients act by forming a film on the skin that acts as a water-resistant barrier. The film also helps to prevent evaporation of the skin’s natural moisture.
  • LIQUID PARAFFIN FOR IRRITATION: In addition to keeping skin moisturized, liquid paraffin may help with itching because the occlusive film it forms on the skin’s surface protects against environment.
  • LIQUID PARAFFIN FOR SKIN LIGHTENING: Another purported use of liquid paraffin is for skin lightening. However, this is simply not true. Liquid paraffin is an emollient that will keep the skin soft and smooth. Liquid paraffin cannot be used for skin lightening.
  • USAGE IN COSMETICS: Liquid paraffin is a hydrating and cleansing agent. Hence, it is used in several cosmetics both for skin and hair products. It is also used as one of the ingredients of after wax wipes.
  • LIQUID PARAFFIN FOR HAIRS: he effects of using Liquid Paraffin, you must be aware that it doesn’t work as a hair conditioner or treatment. Its action focuses on improving the appearance and protecting the external hair structures.


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